Arizona Motorcycle Laws and Safety Tips

arizona motorcycle laws safety tips

Arizona motorcycle laws are meant to help protect motorcyclists from potential vehicle accidents and suffer fewer fatal injuries. Motorcycle safety is very important for all drivers to know about. There are a few Arizona laws to go over that apply to Arizona motorcyclists and other vehicle drivers.

Arizona Motorcycle Laws

ARS 28-903:

  • Motorcyclists are entitled to use the full lane and should not share the lane with a different vehicle.
  • When changing lanes, motorcyclists must pass using a different lane and not pass in the same lane.
  • A motorcyclist cannot operate a motorcycle between lanes of traffic or between adjacent rows.

ARS 28-964:

  • The driver or passenger of a motorcycle that is the age of 18 must wear protective gear like a helmet at all times.
  • If riding on an all-terrain motorcycle, eye protection like protective glasses, goggles, or a transparent face shield must be worn at all times.
  • Rearview mirrors, a seat, and footrests are required for the driver of the motorcycle to drive safely. If a passenger is on the motorcycle, there needs to be a proper seat and footrests for them.

ARS 28-924:

  • This law requires a motorcycle to be equipped with one headlight in the front.

ARS 28-3101:

  • In order to drive a motorcycle, a Class M license is required.

Arizona Lane Splitting Law

There are many states where lane splitting is legal. However Arizona, lane splitting is illegal and is discussed in Arizona Law 28-903. Lane splitting refers to motorcyclists driving between lanes in fast-moving, slow-moving, or stop-and-go traffic going in the same direction. This would allow motorcyclists to bypass traffic and can be safer than stopping behind other motor vehicles.

Lane filtering is a bit different and legal for Arizona motorcyclists to do. Only at stoplights, motorcyclists are allowed to move to the front of the line of traffic when all the other vehicles are stopped. However, lane filtering is limited to roads where the speed limit is 45 MPH or less and the motorcycles can only be moving at 15 MPH or less when going between lanes.

Lane filtering just became legal in early 2022 so drivers might not be used to motorcycles going in between them when stopped at a light. For this reason, motorcycle riders should be wearing a proper motorcycle helmet and other types of protective gear.

When lane filtering at night, make sure the motorcycle headlight is working properly. It is good to keep in mind that when riding a motorcycle with other motorcyclists, you can share the lane. Motorcycles cannot do this with other vehicles in the same lane, this is not safe.

Safety Tips

Motorcycle safety is very important in the state of Arizona. The Arizona Department of Public Safety has listed several motorcycle safety tips for both motorcyclists and other vehicle drivers to prevent accidents.

  • Wear a helmet. Not only because motorcyclists are required to wear a helmet, but because helmets will protect against traumatic brain injuries or other head injuries.
  • Driving defensively is safer. Motorcyclists should never assume that other drivers have seen them in lanes.
  • Double-check for motorcycles. Drivers are always aware of other motor vehicles on the road and fail to check for motorcycles. Before making turns and lane switching, keep an eye out for motorcycles.
  • Wear protective gear when on a motorcycle in Arizona. Wearing clothes like long pants, boots, and gloves will help protect against road rash.
  • Be visible at nighttime. Make sure the motorcycle headlight works. Wearing reflective clothing would also help make sure other vehicles see you.
  • Using blinkers when changing lanes or turning. This is for both drivers and motorcyclists. Letting others on the road know when you are making a lane change or turning will keep everyone safe.

After an Arizona Motorcycle Accident

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